Don’t Ask Me When I’m Getting Married

  1. Hi Sherry! How are your bowel movements?
  2. Hi Sherry! I’m so hungry, want to go see if we can fit all the snacks in the break room in our bellies?
  3. Hey Sherry! How’s your hair? I keep thinking mine is falling out…You too?!
  4. Hi Sherry! Have you heard about this new brand of plus-size jeans that won’t chafe a hole in the thighs every five months?
  5. Hey Sherry! What kind of foundation do you use to get that layered, cakey finish?
  6. Hey Sherry! When you’re lonely at 3AM and feel like nothing is ever going to be okay again, what drug do you wish you were doing?



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Sherry Mayle

Sherry Mayle


Laughter is the best medicine if you don’t have any real medicine.